Growth Mindset


   Most children wrestle with a fear of failure. Often, that fear gets especially acute during transitions into sixth, ninth and 12th grades. When struggling at these times, many decide that a specific subject — often math or science — simply isn’t for them. At After School University, we focus not just on filling gaps in foundational knowledge, but also on transforming mindset. By learning key concepts at key times, and by overcoming obstacles with love and support, your child will rethink what is possible, both in and out of school.

What researchers call a “growth mindset” — a belief that basic abilities can improve with hard work — is critical to not only learning new concepts, but also to promoting self-esteem and joy.

Can you teach such a mindset? Research says absolutely. Taking cues from that research, After School University tutors are intentional about setting high expectations; helping kids meet those expectations; and teaching them to appreciate and learn from their struggles in between. We emphasize the importance of sincere effort and resilience, and celebrate innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Though less concrete in nature, growth mindset is just as crucial as a solid foundation and an early start to finding success in school and in life. 

“I am so grateful you were able to tell me what I love and what is special about me. You made me feel good and strong. I am very loved and happy about myself. You were very kind and smart. I am so thankful I came to After School University. This was a learning and growing experience. Thank you.”
— MagDahlia, student

Drawings of students by Laurie Marshall for Sparks Project by ASU

I felt my son not only needed math instruction, but also inspiration. I could have found any number of tutors to bring his grade up. I was really searching for a motivating factor. My son began the program at the beginning of March. I have notice more confidence and interest, not only in math, but his other activities. He has been more likely to tackle his responsibilities and take pride in his work. I would like to see him be unafraid to pursue any path he chooses. After School University is helping to achieve that.
— John, parent