Turning Point

May 31 - June 2, 2019

Colorado Springs, CO 

The Most Powerful 3 Days of Growth with Paul Martinelli.

I'm Ready for Turning Point!

turn-ing point
noun /'turniNG point/

A point where step forward into growth is a reality

Provide an opportunity for  you and your child to be personally mentored by an internationally acclaimed business leader and trainer,  Paul Martinelli. He overcame a stuttering disability and a potentially dim future by rising as Founder of five multi-million dollar companies with a quarter billion dollars in revenue. John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Nick Vujicic and Zig Ziglar are a few of the personal development masters who have shared the stage with Paul. And for three days, Paul will empower your child like no one before! 

A point at which something changes direction

If ever you felt like you or your child needed a major wake up call or a catalyst for change - this event gets right to the heart of some of the biggest stumbling blocks that can get in the way of maximum success. This workshop allows participants to "live through" experiences that can propel them to the highest success. Hands-on interactive format during the workshop  “speaks” to the hearts and souls of the teens. It is not a lecture or keynote speech. It is a challenging, fun, eye-opening experience that will change the way teens see their potential and the future.

A point at which a decisive change takes place

Have you ever wished your child could see themselves not as they currently are, but as they have the potential to be? There is a big difference between knowing, wishing, and actually WILLING to do, be, and have more. Turning Point, in partnership with After School University, will enable your child to make a decision to step out of their comfort zone, challenging themselves and their limiting beliefs in a safe nurturing environment. This workshop will fill in the gap between dreaming and actually achieving. 

Day 1

Through highly interactive, hands-on processes, participatns will be introduced to the power of designing their lives, facing things that are holding them back, making distinction between facts and truths, and learning the process of coming "from a dream", and not "to your dream".

Day 2

Participants will go through a custom ropes course specifically designed to help them overcome limitations they thought not possible. They will be immersed into an environment where they have to rely on themselves and on their team members. 

Day 3

Participants will finalize their vision and dream statements on who they need to be in order to bring them forward based on the reflection of the work completed that occurred on Days 1 and 2. The turning point will continue to grow through some powerful activities, specific actions and celebration.

Space is Limited

This popular workshop always sells out quickly and there is a long waiting list. The group is purposely kept small to ensure personal and deep interaction with Paul Martinelli.

Turning Point:
The choice to be the best one can be!

“Between stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space lies our most precious response - our right and ability to choose our attitude.” Dr. Victor Franklin

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Only Three Days, but Transformation for Life!

Turning Point:
A new story to be told

“Our young individuals are at a critical point where their story can be filled with greatness and outstanding impact. Turning Point will allow them to realize that they can become the authors of their life stories!” Maria Feekes, Founder After School University


As Paul timelined his life, and looked at critical turning points - the decision points that literally changed the trajectory of his life, he realized that his powerful transformation did not “just happen”. Turning Point, a 3-day workshop is a result of this journey. Over one thousand people have come through this transformational experience. We can't wait to share this Turning Point with you!


Turning Point was designed to capture what Paul Martinelli did that helped him rise to become a millionaire entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed speaker, coach, trainer.

Plan To Be In the Room!

3 Days of Pivotal Growth

“I just went through my Turning Point. What I want for my girls when they go through this, is to always have the confidence to take the first step to their dreams and goals. I can't wait for the Turning Point for Teens!"

3 Days on Personal Success

"I learned so much, but I also now have a group of like minded people that I can work and grow with. I have the support of this group in all that I do, that is something that is also invaluable!"

3 Days That Can Change Life

"I learned to stop fighting against the things I don't want, and welcome the things I do want... it's the most freeing feeling in the world." 


I believe in your dream for you and your kids!

“If you or your child is in a place in life where you know there is more, if you have a burning desire to be, do, and have more, but know there is something that is standing in the way or the same old patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feeling keep showing up, I know in my heart, this retreat will help."
Paul Martinelli, President John Maxwell Team


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