Since Day 1, you have raised your child for lifelong success. In your home, high test scores are important, but so are qualities like self-esteem, responsibility and determination. 

We hear you. 

We are not a typical tutoring service. We give children tools that will serve them not just on the next test, but also in college admissions, in their chosen field of study, and in a global economy.

That means:

  • going beyond U.S. educational standards
  • encouraging children to think for themselves
  • developing their “grit” through guided work on challenging concepts
  • acknowledging both academic and personal growth

These ideals guide our work with students across the board, whether long-struggling or gifted and talented; public school, private school, homeschool or charter.

In group tutoring , we focus on areas where we see common, recurring struggle for students. Weekend-long boot camps and “power training” programs often provide just the boost that they need.

In one-on-one tutoring, a hand-picked tutor will:

  1. Identify your child's strength and challenges
  2. Help your child catch up and fill gaps in school
  3. Employ world-class materials and tools for advancement

You and your child have come this far; don’t let a few academic hurdles halt your child's progress. 

Joseph is blessed with a love of learning and greater potential than millions of others, and he and I see After School University program as a way to help him meet his potential and enjoy it too! I am very serious when I say that I could tell Joseph was heading towards a crisis before joining ASU.
— Sandra (2011)
Joseph is going to Colorado School of Mines - math and physics double major. He already has about 3 years of college math at UCCS.
— Sandra (2017)