Our early start students land within the top 1% on SAT and ACT on a first try.
Our average growth is 1-2 letter grades.
Our students report 100% increase in confidence and 100% know they matter.

It’s not uncommon for the After School students to take high school classes while in middle school and college classes while in high school. Well..., because our schools ran out of classes to offer them.
— Tracy, school counselor
We are so grateful for the intentional, complete and interesting education our kids are receiving with you. And the care and kindness with which you approach each student is just the ‘cherry on top’ for us. Thank you for excellent education, and for your support of our whole family.
— Pat and Sue, parents
Our daughter left her tutoring sessions feeling more confident and she reached her goal of a higher ACT test score.  She is now in the running for some of the most competitive scholarships at the colleges she is applying to.
— Christine, parent

Our students have earned acceptance and enjoyed success at some prestigious universities. Some of degrees include bio-chemistry, mechanical engineering, physics, astrophysics, pre-med, pharmacy, innovation, political science, sports management, business management, education, language arts. Students, who decided that hands-on approach is the best for them, are rocking the apprenticeship path.


Tutoring Approach