K-12 Tutoring and Test Preparation

Does your child has more potential than their grades or tests would indicate? Does your child really tries to apply themselves, and yet the normal structures of learning through our school system don’t seem to connect and don’t foster and nurture their true abilities?

If you tried already implementing some disciplines at home, and maybe even tried to do extra study with your child yourself. If you’ve tried going to the schools and tried to advocate for your child for additional time and support…And no results…We understand how frustrated you feel! We have been there too. We have worked with thousands of parents who’ve felt the same frustration. We have helped thousands of students succeed and expand their opportunities for a life time. Act now.


The Leadership Game

 The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values.  Schedule Your Session Today!

Empowerment Mentoring


How would you feel to live your best life ever? What would change if your child decided to be all they can be? What if your team spent time working on becoming a top performing team? Empowering Mentoring Program shares tried, tested, and proven strategies in advanced thinking to develop the psychology of success.