Solid Foundation


Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, has said that when it comes to innovating, the key is to “boil things down to the most fundamental truths ... and then reason up from there.” 

At After School University, we start with those fundamental truths. After all, kids do not need a secret formula to learn new concepts. What they DO need is help in filling the knowledge gaps that commonly appear in American curricula, especially in math and science.  

To us, building a solid foundation of knowledge means:

  • sequencing topics logically 
  • emphasizing concepts, not patterns
  • testing knowledge on real-world problems
  • prioritizing work done by hand (rather than with calculators, spell-checks, computer programs, etc.)
  • celebrating precision, accuracy and diligence 

From here, students can get a handle on current concepts, and dig into new concepts even before they’re introduced in school. They also understand that they have the ability to overcome struggle and to grow as learners and as people. 

Where are these kids now? From left to right: Sarvani - University of Colorado Boulder (BioChem), Iryna - Princeton (Physics), Veronica - University of Colorado Colorado Springs (PreMed), Joseph - Senior at High School (ACT score 35, University TBD)
After taking math tutoring and programming classes at After School University, for the first time I saw a spark of real interest in my daughter’s eyes. She has never been interested in anything before, but she is looking forward to their classes, she is doing her homework in advance and is now even thinking about becoming an engineer or a programmer.
— Kris, parent of Bailey
 The very first After School University class  - LabView: Intro to Programming

The very first After School University class  - LabView: Intro to Programming