The Maxwell Speakers Club

The World's First Speakers Club dedicated to helping leaders communicate and connect more effectively. 


"The #1 Criteria For Promotion and Advancement is the ability to speak and communicate effectively."

Harvard Business Review

Get Trained By The Very Best

Participating in the Maxwell Speakers Club is the next best thing to being trained by John Maxwell himself. This unique program is dedicated to modeling the lifetime mastery of one of the very best speakers in the world. Receiving powerful leadership lessons along the way is a cherry on top!

Become Great To Do Great

How much more can you achieve if you could become a great speaker? Each week, we will watch and extract lessons from John’s live presentations and speeches. As your facilitators, we will guide you through practical exercises to help you master your communication and become a better speaker, communicator, influencer.

Start From Where You ARE

You can start at any time, while learning and growing through active participation and real-time feedback. This experience is highly hands on! Weekly, you receive modeling and teaching exercises that you can apply immediately. Built in support and accountability will ensure consistent growth!

What to Expect

  • Support and encouragement.
  • Teachings from master communicator, John Maxwell.
  • Experiential learning through speeches, live feedback and critiques.
  • Practical weekly topics and assignments.
  • Participation in World Speaking Championships.

Join our club for weekly training, live speaking critiques, world-wide competitions and more!

Simple, convenient, live online.
Join from anywhere. All you need is a phone or computer and internet connection.

Change Your Life and Lives of Others

With speaking you will be able to influence, encourage, and inspire people. The results of the participation in this club are real. There is a difference between understanding what it takes to be a great speaker and actually becoming one. This club will help you apply everything you learn in the most efficient and effective way.

Those who rise to the top are those who can stand up and speak well!

Did you know that 98% of all people are scared of public speaking, yet it is the skill that can have the greatest impact on your life? This program is designed to give you the tools and technics to overcome your fear and to become an accomplished speaker.

Pricing Options

One Month




Try one month.

Once you start, we guarantee you will not want to stop!


One Year


One easy payment. Receive 3 one-to-one coaching sessions as a sign up bonus.

People who started in the program said it was the best investment they have ever made. 


Six Month



Think of top 3 communicators you admire. What sets them apart? You will be surprised how much you will be able to grow within 6 month.


Frequently Asked Questions

After you join the club, you will receive access to the After School University online platform for all your materials, live calls details, archives, link to upload your presentations for reviews, and updates. 

Weekly meetings are Tuesdays at 8 pm MT*. The meetings can be accessed via Zoom conference. 

*Day and Time are subject to change.

No worries. Each session is being recorded and available for your review via After School University online portal. 


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