Help Your Teen Be Unstoppable!

6 month program of intentional personal growth, leadership, and communication. 


Daily growth thoughts sent via an email

12 live teaching sessions (via Zoom)

All calls recorded and downloadable

Step-by-Step self reflecting worksheets

Half-day interactive in-person workshops on skills that the executive teams are receiving

Yes, I am ready for my child to have the best year!

Is Your Child Doing Their Best ... Why Not?

What would happen if your child did do their best? What would happen if he or she would spend the next six month working on them?

What Does Your Child Really Believe He or She is Capable of Achieving?

What would happen if your child decided to be all that they can be? During this program they will uncover their purpose and pin point what they want. Understand what is holding them back and what they are afraid of. 

Your Child's Life is Not a Rehearsal ... What Are You Waiting For?

How would it feel if your child could have their best year ever? The Success Program will teach strategies to manage priorities, positive self-image, application of the laws of growth, essentials of becoming person of no limit, developing leader within you, and so many other things that will propel your child forward! 

"I loved this program; it really spoke to me in my own life. It helped me learn a lot about myself and the way I live my life."

Riley M. (student)

"My daughter and I loved it and had so much fun! Thank you for pouring into us! I don't know if I ever would have learned so much about my daughters Passion without this amazing program!"

Katy H. (parent)

Success Program

A 6-month practical application of Thinking Big. Starting Small. and Acting Now!

Limited spots available. This program always sells out.

Program Outline

Sessions are conducted on Saturdays at 5pm*. When you login, you will get access to the complete schedule for remote and in-person sessions.
(*Dates and times are subject to change)

PART 1: REFLECTION - Understand Yourself and Find What You Want

Session 1: The Law of Awareness: The WHO

Session 2: Purpose: The big WHY

Session 3: Vision and Goals: The WHAT 

PART 2: DEVELOPMENT - Stay in the Game

Session 4: Persistence and Decision Making

Session 5: Imagination and You Are Perfect

Session 6: Failing Forward and Attitude

PART 3: LEADERSHIP - Influence and Empower Others

Session 7: Everyone Communicates, Few Connects: Leading from your strengths

Session 8: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions 

Session 9: Key Principles from Leadership Gold

PART 4: IMPACT - Live the Life of Significance

Session 10: Intentional Living

Session 11: The Law of Contribution

Session 12: Becoming World Famous 

**********Live Event (Date TBD, Location - Eagle, CO) *************** 


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