When you support Turning Point - you support an opportunity for young individuals to discover who they are, what their purpose is, and what possibilities lie in front of them. You allow them to find the courage and discipline to move forward!

Think back to when you were a teenager and the feeling of self-doubt about who you were.  Remember the hesitation about what you wanted to do and how you would second-guess your every thought.  Did you lower your standards, just so you could fit in "that" group, and spend countless hours agonizing over what others thought of you? Amplify those feelings by one hundred or even one thousand to help understand the world teens live in today.  A world of information overflow, loss of human connection, and constant pressure from social media!  Imagine helping teens recover from the crippling effects of judgment from society and/or oneself.

Why Do I Support Turning Point?

"I have brought my 15-year old daughter, Tatiana, to Paul's Turning Point in May of 2018. You can't put a price tag on the impact it had on her! She became truly unstoppable in how she sees herself, how focused she became with her every day, and how much clarity and determination she gained on her goals. I just had to do this for other parents and kids here in Colorado." Maria Feekes, Founder After School University

When  You Support Turning Point - You Invest Into:

The future of your communities,

The well being of your employee's children who are going through a crisis and may be at the point of no return,

The empowerment of brilliant people by reconnecting them with the greatness and resources that lie within each of them.

Yes, I want to provide scholarships for teens in Turning Point!

$1795 covers the cost of a program for one participant, which includes a custom ropes course, and meal plan. Any amount will help make a difference!


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