Tutoring, Test Prep, Leadership

Does your child has more potential than their grades or tests would indicate? Does your child really tries to apply themselves, and yet the normal structures of learning through our school system don’t seem to connect and don’t foster and nurture their true abilities?

If you tried already implementing some disciplines at home, and maybe even tried to do extra study with your child yourself. If you’ve tried going to the schools and tried to advocate for your child for additional time and support…And no results…We understand how frustrated you feel! We have been there too. We have worked with thousands of parents who’ve felt the same frustration. We have helped thousands of students succeed and expand their opportunities for a life time. Act now! Speak to a Program Coordinator Today: 719-210-1661 or info@afterschooluniversity.com.


Math, Science, English and other Subjects 1-on-1 and Group Tutoring

To be successful, students must build a solid foundation of knowledge, embrace challenge, and never quit. With these pieces in place, many of the kids we tutor quickly catch up where they've fallen behind, and then surge ahead. From elementary subjects to specialized advanced-level programs, we can do it all. Each 1-on-1 tutoring is built around your family schedule and lasts for 60 minutes. Our tutors work with your child one-on-one or in groups live via Skype. A free trial session, student assessment, and individualized lesson planning are included. 


Leadership and Personal Development

Our group "power trainings" provide focused sessions on specific skills to develop the foundation of success.  Success leaves tracks, in fact, if you look at successful people, they will tell you EXACTLY what they did to be successful and what you should do. But knowing what to do is not a problem...it's doing it! There is a mindset piece to success, there is a process to success, there is a systematic way of teaching kids how to be successful. Check out our Advanced Leadership and Development Program, or ask us about powerful sessions on Fear of Failure, Self Image, Bullying, Personal Character, and more! Keynote speeches and mini-workshops in schools and at your locations are available as well. Looking for 1-0n-1 sessions for your student? Ask us about individual coaching.


AP and IB Tutoring

The biggest challenge with AP and IB courses is that they cover a lot of material in a very short time. So for a student to excel on, or even just pass, rigorous exam, he or she must have a baseline level of knowledge on which to quickly build. We focus on firming up that baseline.  You work with the subject matter-experts who passed the AP/IB tests with a top score.


ACT and SAT Preparation

After School University test-prep tutors know what it takes to excel on the ACT and SAT. How can we be sure? Because all of them scored within the 99th percentile on their own exams. In a one-on-one tutoring relationship, your child learns methodologies to deepen his or her knowledge of both subject matter and test-taking strategies. Between sessions, practice tests reinforce new concepts and build confidence.


International Best Practices

 It is not uncommon for our students to learn concepts much earlier than required by the U.S. education standards.  In science, we champion the discovery process by introducing physics and computer programming as a separate discipline as early as elementary school. In math, many concepts are introduced one to two years earlier than in school.