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After School University provides individualized K-12 tutoring, test preparation and leadership training that expands opportunities for you and your child for a lifetime! We believe in empowerment, determination, high expectations, and endless care. With After School University, the best people are behind you, offering the strong support and the expert training to advance your child's unique abilities and accelerate growth. Our leaders and faculty are passionate individuals with experience in education, leadership, and personal development. Our tutors are subject matter experts, who scored in the top 1% on their ACT/SAT tests. They have been accepted to prestigious universities, are excited about your success, and are true role models. 

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After School University Gives Back

There’s a lot going on right now. During these uncertain times, we don’t exactly know what the future holds. We are (and have always been) optimists and we believe that we’ll get through all of this together.

Because so much of who we are and what we make is rooted in joy, we have so many exciting things on the way that were created to bring joy - including fun daily free activities for your kids! What better time to find small ways to spread happiness than right now?



"Some of the best education our boys received! It takes talent and insight to be able to take what we give you, tell us this is where we need to be, and create an individualized curriculum based on what we talked about. Thank you for excellent education and for your support of our whole family!" - Andy and Dave (parents of Trevor, Ryan, and Michael)

Does your child have more potential than their grades or test results indicate?

100% of our students have increased their SAT and ACT scores and improved their grades - no matter how low their academic history has been. Most importantly, our students believe in themselves.

Are you creating opportunities for your child to be more competitive in school and in life?

From our unique programs that incorporate best international practices, high academic success,  a world-class skill training in leadership, communication, and personal development, your child is guaranteed to be at the top.

Are you looking for an advantage for your child in the future?

Our students have earned acceptance and enjoy success at MIT, Princeton, CalTech, Berkley, UCLA, UC Boulder, UC Fort Collins, as well as other leading universities. They received awards in state and national academic competitions and are making a difference via community projects.

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THE LIMITS ARE OFF: Our dream is to help every child to be truly unstoppable.

What does your child really believe he or she is capable of achieving in their life? Maltz said, "A person does not get what they want in their life, but what they believe they are capable of achieving." Empowering your child is at at the core of everything we do.  


Academic Success:
Catch up, Accelerate, Advance

Whether your child is struggling in English, Math, Science, another school subject, needs help with their homework, test preparation, or is looking to expand their opportunities through custom learning - our 1-on-1 tutoring and other programs are here to support you.


Math Like a Champion

A unique K-12 program that is guaranteed to instill love and a deep understanding of math. Kids who went through this program have outperformed their peers 2-3 grades and scored in the top 1% on ACT/SAT Math. No matter if you homeschool or enjoy study in charter, public, or private schools this experience will become a fertile field of opportunities.

Critical Thinking Through Physics

Whether your want your child to be in an Ivy League University or excel in the work-based learning, understanding and hands-on application of physics would set your child apart. For those in grades 5-12 it will open the world of Mechanics, Optics, Heat, Electricity & Magnetism like no other programs.

ACT and SAT Preparation

Our test-prep tutors know what it takes to excel on the ACT and SAT. All of them scored in the top 1% on their own exams. In a one-on-one tutoring relationship, your child learns methodologies to deepen his or her knowledge of both subject matter and test-taking strategies. Practice tests reinforce new concepts and build confidence.


21st Century Skills:
Leadership, Communication, Growth

Life is not a rehearsal! At After School University we have a wide array of programs available to help your child develop these critical skills.

Speakers Club

If we want our children to succeed, we must teach them how to connect with people. Now more than ever, it is important for our children to develop the best speaking and connecting skills. This world's first speakers club is dedicated to helping leaders communicate and connect more effectively.  Enroll your child for weekly training, live speaking critiques, world-wide competitions and more! 

Success Program

A 6 month program of intentional personal growth, leadership, and communication. Included in the program: 
- daily growth thoughts sent via an email,
- 12 live teaching sessions, 
- all calls recorded,
- step-by-step self reflecting worksheets,
- 3 interactive in-person workshops on skills that the executive teams are receiving!

Turning Point for Teens with Paul Martinelli

Join us for a life-altering experience. This event is unique because this is up close and personal, live and in-person - an opportunity to be closely coached by Paul Martinelli and experience a different level of interaction and breakthrough.

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