"We believe 'above average' can be your child's new normal."
- Maria Feekes, After School University founder

After School University provides online tutoring and test prep services that draw from international best practices, as well as personal growth and success development. We believe in empowerment, determination, high expectations and endless care for each student. And we believe that love for learning and personal growth is found at the heart of academic and personal fulfillment. Founded as a brick-and-mortar operation in 2010 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ASU moved to an online model in 2015 in order to maximize the convenience for our students and to provide access to an outstanding pool of talented people from all over the United States and the world.


Are passionate individuals with the experience in education in the United Sates and other countries. They have led outstanding organizations, have kids on their own, and each operates with a single goal in mind: to turn each student into a future champion.

Are subject matter experts who are committed to advance the gifts and sparks of your child. They have earned perfect scores on AP and/or IB exams, scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and/or ACT, and/or matriculated to prestigious universities. All have received training in cutting-edge teaching methodologies.


Have earned acceptance at MIT, Princeton, The California Institute of Technology, The University of California, Berkeley, and other leading institutions; received awards in state and national academic competition; joined distinguished academic and leadership programs. They are determined learners, leaders and critical thinkers.