Growth and transformation is building on each success, one intentional action at a time! Create a paradigm of success for you, your kids, your team, and your company. After School University is an education platform that teaches not only hard skills, but soft skills as well. Speak to a Program Coordinator Today: 719-210-1661 or



To serve you as elite teachers, coaches, speakers and professionals through our subject-matter expertise, programs, talents, and skills.  We are committed to your growth. We are passionate about your success. 


  • Every individual has infinite potential. 
  • Success is a skill that can be learned.
  • If you can resource a child - you can not only resource them for learning, but you can resource them for their dreams.
  • People are the biggest assets. Unlike any other investment, when investing in people, every single gain stays for life!


With After School University you have the best people behind you, the best support, and the best training to advance your unique abilities and accelerate your growth. Our leaders and faculty are passionate individuals with the experience in education, leadership, personal development, and change management in the United States and the world. Lean in.