Individualized K-12 Tutoring


You did not plan on homeschooling, but now it is up to you to help your child get the education they need amidst all the other things you currently have to deal with.


"Some of the best education our boys received! It takes talent and insight to be able to take what we give you, tell us this is where we need to be, and create an individualized curriculum based on what we talked about. "

Dave and Andi Bush

"I look forward to Thursdays knowing I won’t have the standard homework battle at home - he usually finishes it all with his tutor, and is grateful to have the time with him. His tutor is so wonderful with him that he actually looks forward to doing his homework. The tutors at After School University are knowledgeable, kind, and truly a gift to us. "

Kristi Campbell

"My daughter and I loved working with After School University and had so much fun! Thank you for pouring into us."

Katy Hiatt

Feel Like You Don’t Have a Handle on What’s Happening in School Right Now?

Everyone’s trying to adjust to a new normal. Things are up in the air. We’re all hoping that the school year will be as we’re used to - with some structure and sanity in place.

Here’s the thing: Every moment of your child’s time is precious.
Today, like never before, is the prime time to help your child succeed in school and for you to have a peace of mind.

You can get back to doing what you need to do to keep your family fed and your business running - we help your child excel!

Your child needs people on their team right now who can communicate a strong belief in their uniqueness and success, and give them the best tools for learning and growth.

This is exactly what our tutors will do for you!

At After School University, we understand the unique set of challenges that parents, kids, and educators face today.

We’ve spent more than ten years at the forefront of education and student achievement. After School University has helped thousands of students grow and succeed. Developing forward thinking solutions, providing extraordinary tutoring, helping kids learn how to think, and becoming a reliable academic partner is what we do best.

Frequently Asked Questions


Starting is simple:


  1. Select your packet with a money-back guarantee.
  2. Fill out a short discovery questionnaire.
  3. We’ll select the tutor who will work best with your child and then schedule the first tutoring session.


The first session sets the pace:


  1. The tutor and your child will meet online. We’ll finalize the meeting platform depending on your situation and needs.

  2. The tutor will brainstorm and listen to your child.

    Children can’t learn until they have the opportunity to be heard. Allocating time during the first session to understand where your child is, what’s working, what challenges they face (from your child’s perspective), and providing a safe and supportive environment ensures ongoing success.

  3. The tutor provides you with feedback on where your student is and suggests an individualized learning plan.


Your child is ready to blow the lid off their learning potential!


We are true accountability partners that you can trust! Every session comes with a report on what was done, things we notice, areas of growth, and next steps.


We do all the checking and due-diligence for you, so you can have peace of mind and concentrate on your business and family while we support your child’s growth.

We have tutors available for every area of each school program and beyond.

Our tutors are subject matter experts and are deeply passionate about your child’s success. Many of our tutors are young individuals pursuing bachelor or masters degrees, and others are incredible instructors certified in education with experience working with a variety of students.

We carefully match each child to the tutor that will work best with them. We look not only at subject expertise, but at personality compatibility, pace of learning, and similar parameters.

Great question. That’s something that we'll figure out in the discovery process with you.


There are three options for individualized plans:


  1. We follow your school curriculum and work on homework and/or any areas where your child needs additional help and support. 

  2. We follow After School University’s custom curriculum, especially in areas outside of your school program focused on accelerated growth, and/or strong foundation building.

  3. A combination of the two, where the tutor follows your school program, and also uses supplemental materials from After School University.

Each child is unique, as are their attention spans and need for support. Meeting frequency depends on your goals for your child. Our tutors will recommend a frequency and session length following the assessment.


Typically, for younger kids (kindergarten - 2nd or 3rd grade), we recommend meeting a minimum of twice a week for 30 minutes.


For kids in grades 4-7, the sessions can be extended to 60 minutes twice a week.


For students in grades 8-12, the number of sessions and their duration is determined by the number of subjects and the goals you and your student wish to have supported.

We’re here to help your child grow and get the best experience for them. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of our tutoring program and our reputation as an industry leader.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the program, we will refund your investment in full. That's how much we believe in our program.

It's Important Who You Learn From

Our tutors are subject matter experts and are deeply passionate about your child’s success. Meet some of them here:

Mary Weber

When Mary was a child, she was diagnosed with a severe brain injury which affected her short term memory. She was told over and over that she’ll never achieve anything in life. She proved all of the neigh-sayers wrong! Today, Mary has a degree in mechanical engineering and is currently working on a Masters in Engineering. Mary is an amazing tutor in K-12 math, science (she is crazy about physics!!), and engineering.

Alessandra Brunton

Her students are energized through her contagious, unstoppable spirit and her ability to create the life she desires. She was the youngest in her high school to graduate, was admitted into an international exchange program, and received a full-ride scholarship and stipend to a prestigious undergraduate program where she’s pursuing a dual degree in International Studies and German. She’s unique in that she’s equally gifted in humanitarian and math/science based subjects. 

Laurie Elwick

Laurie has been in the educational field for more than 35 years, teaching in private, public, charter and homeschool settings. She’s also served as a para-professional in special education and as a teacher in general education classrooms in elementary and middle school. Laurie's mission is to teach kids to “think.”  She loves the challenge of figuring out how each child learns differently. She’s energized by students’ “light bulb” moments. Teaching for Laurie is a daily adventure where no two days are the same.

Daniel Benishek

Daniel is a Senior going for a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. That’s just a really fancy way to say his favorite past times are breaking things and lighting stuff on fire. His favorite hobby for the past six years has been studying and learning about all of the cool things that people came up with to allow aviation to progress to where it is today. It’s that “can do” attitude that took us from a couple dudes flying a kite in 1900 to putting a man on the moon in 1969, and as Daniel hopes to share with his students so that each of us can keep doing cool things.

Marcie Wegner

Marcie has Bachelor and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. She left her lucrative engineering career to pursue a teaching license after finding that many students leaving high school did not have the passion or necessary skills required for STEM-based careers. She’s taught middle and high school math, and is now a learning coach for her own children who attend school on-line, and are unstoppable in their drive for learning. "I bring students success by not only giving them tips and tricks to help them solve problems, but I boost their confidence so they know they can succeed.”

Beth Rizzo

Beth has travelled the world and has lived in far away places, like New Zealand! She loves anything having to do with the outdoors – hiking, mountain climbing, and scuba diving to name a few. She also loves animals and is an avid horseback rider. Beth is passionate about history and sharing that passion with students is very important to her. Beth has a degree in Marine Biology and is currently working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, training dolphins, birds, and reptiles! Beth loves tutoring English, Biology, and her favorite - WWII History.

Joe Hook

Joe is the biggest advocate of children. His philosophy is when a child doesn’t understand something, is struggling, or failing, it’s not the child's fault, but the teacher's. There’s always a way to ignite and inspire children to do the best they can. There’s always a way of waking somebody’s burning desire to be more, see more, and learn more. Whether it's math, science, or other subjects, Joe looks for ways to connect with his students. When Joe isn’t teaching, he coaches soccer and continually finds ways for each child to be victorious through confidence building, positive self-image, celebrating small victories, building skills, and learning to work as a team.

Eliza Vermillion

As a young girl, Eliza loved reading and teaching her stuffed animals. Teaching has become her life-long passion. She has five years of elementary teaching experience and absolutely loves helping students learn. Her favorite part of teaching is watching students grow academically and emotionally through self-confidence. Eliza is creative, caring, knowledgeable, resourceful, thoughtful, and, most importantly, has the unique ability to recognize potential in every child. She deeply believes in the success of every student and is committed to finding unique approaches and tools that speak to individual learning styles.

Armando Sapien

Armando loves seeing that aha moment when a student is struggling over a problem, and then suddenly “gets” it. He loves interacting with students, cooking, and maintaining an ever-growing collection of books. Before joining After School University, Armando was entrenched in an educational non-profit working towards implementing Physics in middle schools across the country. Armando is amazing with kids in grades 5-8. If you are looking for an extra-curricular pro and “out-of-the-box thinker,” he is your guy! Some of his favorites are history, language arts, graphic design, email marketing, and social media.

What’s My Investment?

When you invest in your child, you invest in the fertile field of possibilities and the biggest opportunities in their life!

No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!




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1-1 Live Online Tutoring

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One Degree Makes All The Difference

As our friend Ray Edwards would say “one degree makes all the difference” referencing when water changes from hot to steam.

Water at 211 degrees can make tea or cook spaghetti.

But with just one more degree of heat … you get steam.

With steam… You can power a locomotive. You can generate electricity for entire cities.

This is exactly what After School University Individualized K-12 Tutoring will do for your child. One small pivot (literally a one-degree pivot) in your current learning structure will create a world of possibilities and life-long results for your child!

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