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"We believe 'above average' can be your child's new normal."
- Maria Feekes, After School University founder

After School University provides online tutoring and test prep services that draw from international best practices, as well as personal growth and success development. We believe in empowerment, determination, high expectations and endless care for each student. And we believe that love for learning and personal growth is found at the heart of academic and personal fulfillment. Founded as a brick-and-mortar operation in 2010 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ASU moved to an online model in 2015 in order to maximize the convenience for our students and to provide access to an outstanding pool of talented people from all over the United States and the world.


Are passionate individuals with the experience in education in the United Sates and other countries. They have led outstanding organizations, have kids on their own, and each operates with a single goal in mind: to turn each student into a future champion.

Are subject matter experts who are committed to advance the gifts and sparks of your child. They have earned perfect scores on AP and/or IB exams, scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and/or ACT, and/or matriculated to prestigious universities. All have received training in cutting-edge teaching methodologies.


Have earned acceptance at MIT, Princeton, The California Institute of Technology, The University of California, Berkeley, and other leading institutions; received awards in state and national academic competition; joined distinguished academic and leadership programs. They are determined learners, leaders and critical thinkers.


Empowering bold students 

Tutoring and Success Development

Seeking a pre-test boost, homework help, or long-term support? After School University offers tutoring in all academic subjects, as well as personal growth and success development to maximize your student's outcomes.


Math, Science, English and other Subjects 1-on-1 and Group Tutoring

To be successful, students must build a solid foundation of knowledge, embrace challenge, and never quit. With these pieces in place, many of the kids we tutor quickly catch up where they've fallen behind, and then surge ahead. From elementary subjects to specialized advanced-level programs, we can do it all. Each 1-on-1 tutoring is built around your family schedule and lasts for 60 minutes. Our tutors work with your child one-on-one or in groups live via Skype. A free trial session, student assessment, and individualized lesson planning are included. 


Success Development

Our group "power trainings" provide focused sessions on specific skills to develop the foundation of success.  Success leaves tracks, in fact, if you look at successful people, they will tell you EXACTLY what they did to be successful and what you should do. But knowing what to do is not a's doing it! There is a mindset piece to success, there is a process to success, there is a systematic way of teaching kids how to be successful. Check out our Empowering Outcomes, or ask us about powerful sessions on Fear of Failure, Self Image, Bullying, Personal Character, and more! Keynote speeches and mini-workshops in schools and at your locations are available as well. Looking for 1-0n-1 sessions for your student? Ask us about individual coaching.


AP and IB Tutoring

The biggest challenge with AP and IB courses is that they cover a lot of material in a very short time. So for a student to excel on, or even just pass, rigorous exam, he or she must have a baseline level of knowledge on which to quickly build. We focus on firming up that baseline.  You work with the subject matter-experts who passed the AP/IB tests with a top score.


ACT and SAT Preparation

After School University test-prep tutors know what it takes to excel on the ACT and SAT. How can we be sure? Because all of them scored within the 99th percentile on their own exams. In a one-on-one tutoring relationship, your child learns methodologies to deepen his or her knowledge of both subject matter and test-taking strategies. Between sessions, practice tests reinforce new concepts and build confidence.


International Best Practices

 It is not uncommon for our students to learn concepts much earlier than required by the U.S. education standards.  In science, we champion the discovery process by introducing physics and computer programming as a separate discipline as early as elementary school. In math, many concepts are introduced one to two years earlier than in school.  

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Enabling opportunities for the future


Our early start students land within the top 1% on SAT and ACT on a first try.
Our average growth is 1-2 letter grades.
Our students report 100% increase in confidence and 100% know they matter.

It’s not uncommon for the After School students to take high school classes while in middle school and college classes while in high school. Well..., because our schools ran out of classes to offer them.
— Tracy, school counselor
We are so grateful for the intentional, complete and interesting education our kids are receiving with you. And the care and kindness with which you approach each student is just the ‘cherry on top’ for us. Thank you for excellent education, and for your support of our whole family.
— Pat and Sue, parents
Our daughter left her tutoring sessions feeling more confident and she reached her goal of a higher ACT test score.  She is now in the running for some of the most competitive scholarships at the colleges she is applying to.
— Christine, parent

Our students have earned acceptance and enjoyed success at some prestigious universities. Some of degrees include bio-chemistry, mechanical engineering, physics, astrophysics, pre-med, pharmacy, innovation, political science, sports management, business management, education, language arts. Students, who decided that hands-on approach is the best for them, are rocking the apprenticeship path.


Tutoring Approach


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"Major players of life know that the first step to success must be their own undertaking. They are never marooned by the difficult. They are inspired by the 'cant's' of others, making them their 'cans'. " - Marva Collins

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Though we are not a 501(c)3 organization, we do provide scholarships and materials to disadvantaged students. In fact, 100% of the support we receive goes into delivering "high-expectation" education to kids who wouldn't receive this education otherwise.