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Our Mission Is to Help Children Discover Ways to Make Possible That Which Previously Seemed Impossible

Does your child have more potential than their grades or test results indicate?

Are you creating opportunities for your child to succeed in school and in life?

Are you looking for an advantage for your child in the future?

Are you obsessed about helping your child find their passion?

Do you see your child really try to apply themselves, and yet the normal structures of learning through our school system don’t seem to connect and don’t foster and nurture their true abilities?

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We All Have Big Dreams for Our Kids


We want them to be and do more. We want them to be successful in their own unique ways. Every parent’s dream is that our children will impact this life, make a difference, be happy, and be fulfilled.


This is exactly what After School University Individualized K-12 Tutoring will do for your child. We create a world of possibilities and life-long results for your child!



Real People. Real Results.

After School University has helped thousands of children to achieve and excel in their unique ways.

Our combination of helping build a solid academic foundation in vital disciplines, surrounding kids with top educators who truly care, believe in them, and see their potential, and being intentional about developing a mindset of success are the core differences between After School University and other tutoring programs.

"[Our youngest son] just needed the freedom to advance at his own pace in subjects he loves, like mathematics… [while our other son] needed help in math. As parents, we were really thrilled to hear him say confidently, ‘I guess I really don’t stink at math!' "

Sue and Patrick
Homeschool Parents

"Great news! Our daughter has received the highest score in her class on her AP Biology test. She scored 97. Our daughter is very positive & upbeat now. She likes your AP biology instructor's teaching & support. Instructor helps our daughter to know she has the ability to make the grade and not feel defeated like before."


"My son absolutely loves coming to class!! His instructors are very patient & knowledgeable. The atmosphere is so relaxed & open to all who come in. The entire staff at the University is helpful, no matter what questions I may have. I highly recommend enrolling your child in a program here if they’re interested in achieving higher learning than is available at their regular school."


Our Team

Our leaders and faculty are passionate individuals with experience in education, leadership, and personal development.

Maria Feekes

Founder of After School University,
Leadership Development

Maria has 20+ years of global leadership and team development experience. She’s built companies from zero to multi- million. Born in a country where opportunities were limited, she believes in unlimited human potential. This is why when she came to the United States, she became obsessed with helping children remove barriers, expand opportunities, and become truly unstoppable.

Dr. Anatoliy Glushchenko, Ph.D.

Math and Physics Development, Teacher Training

Anatoliy’s authored and co-authored 80+ scientific papers, and is an international award-winning educator in math and science, innovator and world-renowned physicist. His deep knowledge about the significant gaps in the way math and science are taught in the United States compared to Europe and Asia, led to the creation of a new, amazing K-12 math and science program and became a cornerstone of our STEM education.

Laurie Marshall

Student Engagement and Project Based Learning Advisor

With her multiple degrees in education from a variety of colleges, Laurie is the founder of Unity Through Creativity. As a certified social studies and art teacher, she’s worked with young people for 30+ years in urban, rural and suburban public schools. She is an international specialist in project-based learning. She’s led projects involving the Virginia Museum, Brooklyn Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are incredible, real, and amazing. They are true subject matter experts, top performers on ACT/SAT tests, attend or have graduated from prestigious universities, and are excited about helping your child succeed. Each of them have their own stories of struggles and victories. Some had to overcome learning disabilities and prove the people who said they’d “never make it” wrong. Others had doubts and self-judgement to overcome. In each case, they learned to be victorious in their unique ways.


Looking for ways to make math fun and inspiring?

Here are 5 easy strategies you can use at home to turn math into an empowered life development tool for your kids and help them become fluent at it!

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