About Us

Growth and transformation is building on each success, one intentional action at a time! 

After School University provides online tutoring, test preparation and leadership training that expands opportunities for you and your child for a lifetime! We believe in empowerment, determination, high expectation, and endless care. With After School University the best people are behind you, offering the best support and the best training to advance your and your child's unique abilities and accelerate the growth. Our leaders and faculty are passionate individuals with the experience in education, leadership and personal development. Our tutors are subject matter experts, who are in top 1% on ACT/SAT tests. They have been accepted to prestigious universities,  are excited about your success and are true role models. 

Some of our services include: tutoring in all school subjects, advanced training in math, physics, computer programming, American Sign Language, leadership and personal development, and K-12 STEM Education Program at the National Museum of World War II Aviation.

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