K-12 STEM Education Program at the National Museum of World War II Aviation

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In partnership with the National Museum of WWII Aviation, After School University is proud to offer free STEM education programs for students in grades K-12. All programs are aligned with Colorado Academic Standards and are designed to give students a challenging, hands-on experience that encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students will be introduced to a wide array of STEM topics through the history of World War II Aviation, and will learn how our nation was changed by the technological advancements that occurred during the war.


Programs consist of three lessons to be taught/reviewed prior to a field trip to the Museum. On the day of the Museum visit, students will be given a tour and will complete a mission that builds on the knowledge gained in the classroom.  

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Sky’s the Limit: Grades K-1—“Sky’s the Limit” introduces our youngest future aviators to the science, math and excitement of flight.  Students take part in hands-on, interactive experiences that teach them the basic principles that make it possible for airplanes to fly. 

Keep ‘Em Rolling: Grades 2-3—Students are involved in hands-on, engaging activities that explore the STEM aspects of flight, and learn about the “human” facets of the World War II era.

Salvage for Victory 1 & 2: Grades 4-5 and Grades 6-8—Based on the children’s novel On the Wings of Heroes, this program focuses on the recycling and rationing efforts that took place during World War II.  Students will conduct their own salvage drive, and build airplanes from the materials they collect.

Keep ‘Em  Flying: Grades 6-8—Students explore the forces and principles of flight and discover how aircraft work. They will learn how these forces affected the performance of World War II aircraft and use this information to design, build and test their own aircraft.

Wings Up: Grades 9-12—Students investigate the science, math and engineering principles used in the aircraft design process.  At the museum, students will use this knowledge to assess the performance characteristics of one of the museum’s World War II aircraft. 

Contact us at: [email protected] or 719-581-7559

Museum address: 755 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916


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