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Welcome to Maxwell Speaker Club International! 

In the Maxwell Method of Speaking, we have combined years of experience as a world-class speaker with the leadership philosophy of John Maxwell to create the most powerful speaker training available today.

With your Club Membership, you not only have access to this material for your own personal and professional development, but are able to participate in world-wide competitions and connect with like-minded individuals. This training will equip you to develop your speaking skills to a much higher level allowing you to increase your impact and influence both personally and professionally.

Access to this course will provide you all the resources required to become the best speaker you can be! 

There is simply no one better to learn the art and skill of powerfully persuasive communication from than John C. Maxwell. John has spoken at the highest level for decades. He had the tenth largest church in America before he was 30 – largely because of his ability to communicate. He has written over a hundred books which continue to sell millions – largely because of his ability to communicate. He is the highest paid, non-celebrity speaker in the world – largely because of his ability to communicate.

John Maxwell’s ability to communicate is second to none. And exactly the same skills, techniques and principles that he has discovered, developed and honed over more than 50 years of diligent application will also help you significantly improve your powers of communication.

Whether you are a Professional Speaker or a complete beginner looking to do your first reluctant presentation, modeling John’s approach to speaking and communicating will make a dramatic difference to your effectiveness.

We are so glad you are joining us and are proud to have you as a member.





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