Turning Point for Teens with Paul Martinelli

Turning Point for Teens with Paul Martinelli

 Hurry to reserve your spot! This event ALWAYS sells out. 

Join us in Colorado Springs, CO on May 31 - June 2  for a life-altering experience. This event is unique because this is up close and personal, live and in-person - an opportunity to be closely coached by Paul Martinelli and experience a different level of interaction and breakthrough. We will take you through this tried and tested process to get you to your Turning Point.

Limited Spaces Available

Turning Point consists of two intensive days in an indoor workshop environment and a one day outdoor experience. Because of the nature of the interactive process you will be guided through, the group is limited in size. This event ALWAYS sells out!

We recommend that you register early to secure your spot.

For the very first time, this powerful experience is coming to Colorado and is including youth! We have witnessed the extraordinary effect of going through this program with a loved one, so if you would like to bring a spouse or a child with you,  please do so. The workshop is best for children of 13 years and older.

Hotel: Event will be held at The Antlers - A Wyndham Hotel.

Our space is limited at this hotel, so registration will be on first-come first served base for members of Turning Point program only. We have negotiated special rates.

Airport: Colorado Springs has a convenient airport (COS) with direct flights from numerous destinations. The next closest airport is Denver International Airport (DEN).

For questions: 719-210-1661 or [email protected]

We can’t wait to welcome you to Colorado Springs, CO - The Olympic City of the USA!

Standard Turning Point Experience (military discount applies!)

It is everything you would expect from this world-class event personally lead by Paul Martinelli

  • 3-day interactive workshop
  • Ropes course attendance included
  • Meal plan included

VIP Turning Point Experience (military discount applies!)

  • Everything in a Standard Turning Point Experience


  • Maxwell Method Impact Report, 1 hour of 1-1 Report Debrief, 3 hours 1-1 coaching

    For Teens: Maxwell Method College and Career Report 

    This report provides students with a comprehensive view of their communication style, how their ideas show up in the work they do, their cognitive thinking and learning styles, their strengths based on the Maxwell Power DISC the way they most influence results and examples of careers that would make great use of their strengths.

    For Adults: Maxwell Method Collaboration and Communication Report 

    This report provides tremendous insight into how to communicate in a way that focuses on your strengths as well as who to whom you are communicating. By applying the right communication strategies with each individual, you begin to speak their language, increasing the effectiveness of communication and deepening connection.

  • Access to 2 Modules from Paul’s Transformational Empowering Mentoring Program

    Authentic Journaling 

    What does it take to really listen? And then to trust what we hear? Authentic Journaling is a powerful tool of transcribing your thoughts and ideas.

    Becoming World Famous

    Have you ever contemplated that, being world famous? How about, being the best in the world at whatever it is that you do? There are four 
    principles to becoming world famous, and they are really simple. What we focus on, we get. And becoming world famous in everything we do sounds like a pretty good focus.

The hardest question for 9 out of 10 teens is to answer what do they want and who do they want to be. One third of first year college students change a major at least once within a three year period. 6 out of 10 graduate longer than in 4 years, and changing majors is one of the leading causes here. And you can only imagine the impact the increase in time and cost has on your child’s life!

What if you could leverage Turning Point by elevating your level of awareness about you, your strengths, motivations, your styles of leadership, communication and many other aspects that allow you to become the best leader of your life. The VIP Experience gives you access prior to Turning Point to the best assessment and awareness tools that are being used to build the top performing teams all over the world, including at some of the worlds largest corporations’ executive teams.




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