Sometimes You Win
Sometimes You Learn

October 27-31

Part of the John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative #JMTGYI

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Join us for a reading of a life changing book
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens
by John C. Maxwell.

Do you know a teenager? Have they ever lost at something that they wanted to win? Wished they could have a major “do-over”? And what happens when they do mess up? Do they feel hopeless, like they can never recover from the mistake? A loss isn’t totally a loss if you learn something from it.

How It Works?
One Live Reading/Discussion Session Per day.
Recording of a session is accessible for only 48 hrs.

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October is the Month of the Global Youth Initiative

Over 140 countries and over 500,000 kids are participating. Join the Movement!


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Join one of our book readings and receive access to a Youth Profile (including Live Debrief Session) and session on Authentic Journaling! Teens who went through this training said that these were the best personal development tools they have ever received!


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