[Helping kids be unstoppable] What do you want?

Hey friends,


We all have big dreams for ourselves and our kids. Nobody’s ever said “I just want to be average and have average kids!” What do our dreams actually look like?


In simple words (and for my busy parent brain, the need for simple, real things I can implement is huge): Vision = What do you want?


In my search for vision best practices, I spent countless hours reading, researching, speaking to the owners of multi-million dollar companies, and observing people who had achieved their desired results.


 Here is one of the gold nuggets to make your vision matter:


There is no shortcut to vision. To be successful and unstoppable, we must have one!


This famous phrase pretty much sums it up: “Without vision people perish.” I bet you can think of somebody who’s wasted their life being aimless and mentally just existing, rather than living. This is not what we want for ourselves or our kids. 


When we think “success” and “unstoppable,” the words that come to mind are focus, determination, and persistence, right? We say “These [successful, unstoppable] people really know what they want and they do what it takes to get there.” 


How can we help  our kids become unstoppable if we don’t have a vision ourselves and we don’t teach them how to create theirs?


When was the last time you spent some time articulating your vision, putting it on paper, looking over it, and growing and developing it? I guarantee that hypothetically, we all agree that vision is important. Deep inside, we likely know what it is. 


Friends, hypothetically will not do it! Lack of clarity will not do it! 


Our beliefs and commitments show up in our schedules and our wallets. Unless we make time for vision in our schedule, it will have no chance. 


ACT NOW: I suggest we can each find 5 minutes for the thing that we say is important. Let’s spend 5 minutes each day this week formulating our personal vision and gaining more clarity about it. If you already know your vision, that’s great, but  there’s always room for improvement. Spend 5 minutes each day to “seeing” your vision more clearly.

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