The vision setting is an essential skill of success: it can and must be developed.

Hi friends,


Here is something to think about:


Have you been taught how to create a vision, spend time with it daily, and overcome our mind’s sabotaging limiting beliefs?


Most of us haven't.


Schools and universities don’t teach it. There’s no time for it, just as there is no time in our daily schedules for 5 minutes to spend on vision (… up until now though, right?!).


My MBA, years of working with corporations and teams on forming mission and vision statements, and operating multi-million dollar projects have not prepared me to overcome overwhelming voices of self-doubt,. None of these experiences have taught me to overcome fears of getting my hopes up, or the baggage of a “surviving” mode having grown up inCommunist Russia. Until my mentors pointed it out, I didn’t realize how much I was self-censoring my vision before it even came to my conscious awareness. 


In school, we’re typically asked, “Who do you want to be,” or “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I had absolutely no clue how to answer. Peter Rucker brilliantly noted: “Only musicians, mathematicians, and a few early mature people (and their number is very limited) know what they want to do from an early age. The rest of us have to find out.”


Additionally, this question trained my brain to think “vision for the future = college and job.” It completely excluded vital questions of the values I want to hold, the impact I want to have, people I want to be around, the leader I want to become, the skills I want to develop, and many other things.


Developing habits and skills of success, and building a foundation for our kids to be unstoppable requires purposeful  intention. Teaching our kids how to create a vision for themselves is a top priority.


Current circumstances will never predict what we, or our children will achieve. Only our personal visions have the power to move and motivate us. Without having one, we will not  discipline ourselves. We will procrastinate, and perish.



I believe in you and a big future for your kids.


In partnership to help our kids and ourselves become unstoppable!


Maria Feekes

Think Big. Start Small. Act Now!

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