Our kids need us to be unstoppable, so they can learn from us too!

Hey friends,


The last two weeks have been crazy busy with events and meetings. Empowered Living Live conference, the rollout of the Physics Bus Initiative to one of the largest school districts in the USA, video shoots, marketing material development, and strategic business building in Jupiter Island and West Palm Beach with some of the top thinkers - just to name a few. 


While the content and opportunities were second to none, the biggest gift was the people. I was privileged to meet people from all over the world and all sectors of leadership. 


Here are some of my takeaways

(with my spin on how each can be applicable to our kids):


1. It takes courage to dream big

It’s too easy to marginalize ourselves and think in terms of current results. The Wright brothers did not know how to fly a plane, there was no evidence that it could  be done, but that didn’t stop them from dreaming. On the playgrounds and in classrooms, our kids might be learning that “it’s safer” to fit in, to look smaller than they are, to be (and think) average. Oh, what a dangerous and limiting belief! Let’s fuel the fire of courage for dreaming big in our kids at all times!


2. OQP: “Only Quality People”

We become the average of five people who surround us. What are those people teaching us and our children? How do our kids see “quality”? How do they choose to be a quality person themselves? How can we teach our kids to recognize when someone is a positive or a negative in their life? Where do we stand on our own OQP value?


3. The truth is not always in the appearance of things

It takes time for the seed to grow. By looking at a small seedling, we can’t imagine how huge the tree will become. The majority of self-built billionaires came from enormous struggle and adversity. It is incredibly hard to keep on going when it seems that nothing is working. It’s so easy to give up and say “I’m not good enough.” How can we combat the ever-growing pressure of instant gratification - an unfortunate companion our kids’ environments. I’m learning that modeling consistency and talking to my kids about my struggle to remain persistent when the results remain unseen is critical.


4. You have the ability to create your unstoppable life

In the world of endless possibility and abundance, we make the choice of what we believe about ourselves. The choice we make makes us!


One Final Highlight:


Life is the fight for territory. 


It's not all "unicorns and rainbows.”


We will not be able to protect our kids against pain, disappointments, or mistakes.


We will not have answers to all their questions, because we have never imagined the magnitude of questions, challenges, and problems that they will face.


But …. we can teach our kids to believe in themselves, see their strengths, think big, imagine beyond their current circumstances, have the courage to take the next step, move forward with persistence despite obstacles and hardships, and to have the desire to do and be more!


Keep on leading by example. Keep stretching and growing.


Our kids need us to be unstoppable, so they can learn from us too!



Think Big. Start Small. Act Now!

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