How big is our vision?

Hey friends,


Here is a big idea for today: 


Our vision is the biggest motivator or the lid on achievement and our futures.


These photos are of my kids and me in Peterhof, a summer residence for Russian Emperors in Sant Petersburg, Russia. As the tour guide was sharing how Ekaterina The Great met world leaders  and how much history happened here, there was an epic question in my mind. “Can I imagine my kids living in rooms like this? Can I imagine my kids making the biggest decisions of the world?” 


You can see my worried face, because the answer came in a split second - “No!!!” More than that, my mind immediately began justifying why these things were not for my kids and weren’t important.


Wow. Here I am, teaching my kids they are unstoppable, and without a second thought, a huge lid is put on the ceiling on how far they can go. Even in my imagination, my mind was not able to see my kids as truly unstoppable. 


ACT NOW: Here’s where think big and focus on possibilities rather than on solutions is important. Don’t give your mind the option to start answering the “How?” just yet. For 5 minutes each day, just do a major brain dump.  No judgment, just writing anything and everything that comes to mind when you ask “What Do I want for myself and my kids?”


I believe in you and a big future for your kids.


In partnership to help our kids and ourselves become unstoppable!


Maria Feekes

Think Big. Start Small. Act Now!

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