No one will do it but YOU.

Life evolves too quickly for any system to adopt proactively ahead of changes. If we want our kids to be successful in this rapidly changing world with continually-mounting pressure, we must do it ourselves.


Michio Kaku said “Our future is like a freight train. It is not a question of whether change is coming or not; it is coming whether you want it or not.” 


All we can do is decide whether we want our kids and ourselves to be in the driver’s seat or miss the train completely. 


Transformation is not an event. Transformation is a movement. 

It takes time, intentionality, focus, determination! 


You may think “My kids are too young for this, I have plenty of time.” When I was pulling my hair out because of what was happening with my 13 year old, it felt as if time was moving at light speed. I was Repairing, not Preparing. 


As I reflect on growing through the crises with her, I learn and am now implementing things with my young kids that I was not aware of when Tatiana was  young. Now, when I see my younger kids’ awareness and accomplishments, I see how different their experiences are from when Tatiana was their ages. I now believe that our kids can’t be too young to begin building their personal habits of success.


If you think “My kids are already in high school/college and I don’t have time,” we do! We can grow from wherever we are. The only thing we need to do is to start. It has been proven scientifically that to develop any new habit it takes 30-90 consecutive days. Can we select at least one tiny thing that we have not done or tried before and stick with it for 30 days?


If you think “I don’t have kids but am passionate about impacting kids or people around me, and becoming the best I can be,”  you’re in the right place!


In partnership to help our kids and ourselves become unstoppable!


Maria Feekes

Think Big. Start Small. Act Now!

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