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After School University ("Quarantiniversity") Gives Back: Take these lessons as our gift to you. What better time to find small ways to spread happiness then right now?


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Because so much of who we are and what we do is rooted in hope, joy, and empowerment. 

We understand how fortunate we are as an online business to be able to do this. We have so many exciting things planned for you and your kids including these awesome free activities!

We always strive to be a bright spot in your day. At this time, we believe it’s important to not lose our sense of optimism or community. We want to continue finding ways to connect with one another and add value.

Cool Lessons for Your Kids

Guaranteed to take the boredom away and turn gadget time into opportunities to grow. We have lessons for all ages. Join us!


Let the history come alive for your kids and provide an incredible perspective to what is happening today. 


Science, Engineering, Technology, Math offered in a hands-on and super cool way. A great chance to get your child to the STEM-side.

Art and Culture

You don't have to be an artist to create and use your imagination...use your creative powers to impact and inspire others! 


Everything rises and falls on leadership. What a perfect time to help our kids to grow as leaders through simple and powerful activities.

Join the Adventure!

These are not merely lessons. We have every moment of our adventure planned for you...We are committed to jamming as much value into every minute as humanly possible!

Looking over our agenda of exercises, lessons, and fun experiments, let us give you just a taste of what you will discover during our time together and answer some questions:

There are two reasons:


1. Our Students — whose lives have been turned upside down by these difficult and unpredictable times. 

We want to give them value, hope, joy, stability, and all around great things to be involved in. 


2. Our On-Site Tutors — who have been greatly affected by the closures of schools and the National Museum of WWII Aviation (their base of operation).

Although After School University has been fortunate to do a lot of tutoring and training online, some of our instructors (specifically our incredible team dedicated to operating K-12 programs on-site at the National Museum of World War II Aviation) have been affected greatly by the closure of the museum and schools during the Covid-19 quarantine. We can't sit back quietly while they struggle to make ends meet. We are giving them this platform to support you and provide a necessary service for our community...and also show you what a treasure they are! 

We have selected the era of the Second World War as the focus for lessons taught.

You may be thinking, “Why should I learn about WWII history in a time like this? How is that relevant? How will that help me in my current circumstances? WWII history is not even on my school schedule! Who cares?” 

We have a saying at After School: "Studying the past - Informing the future." 

Imagine… 80 years ago…lives changed in a single night…just like ours did. Kids and adults went from being able to roam about town to rushing home, eyes averted, just like us. They went from being able to sit in a cafe to staying home, just like us. They went from being able to cross borders freely to being trapped on one side or the other, just like us.

That generation was called “The Greatest Generation” for a reason and there is so much we can learn from them. 

Like we said... get ready for an ADVENTURE! Here are some samples of what to expect:

  • Engineering Design Process: the nitty, gritty, amazing work that real engineers and designers do (Bonus: 21st century “salvage for victory” right from your home).

  • Airplane control surfaces: you will be able to set up this experiment wherever you are, understand and control critical variables (math is not boring; it can be used for cool stuff!), and see forces of flight in action.

  • Learn how airplane’s shape can affect its lift. Our amazing instructor Mary will share an interactive app to help you understand!

  • Design your own shoulder patch: military units use shoulder patches to distinguish specialties: airborne vs infantry vs armor, etc! Learn how to use art to inspire, as well as heraldry and the meaning of colors and icons.

  • Code-breaking using Navajo code: the actual code used by soldiers in WWII was recently declassified! You will learn to use actual code phrases to solve problems!

  • History challenges: including trivia, special videos, hero stories, and so much more! Our instructor Beth is incredibly passionate about this subject and makes history come alive for you.

  • During leadership sessions, you will learn what your aspirations and strengths are, find ways to lead through crisis, hear from real-life heroes, and find ways to create your own hero movements which are so needed right now!

Thank you for asking this question!


Here are some ways to support After School University and our tutors:


1. Help spread the word: share our FREE resource with your networks.

2. Schedule one-on-one tutoring: these guys are AMAZING and they can't wait to help your child learn and grow.

3. Purchase tutoring gift cards: add value to your loved ones or your team members by pre-purchasing some tutoring hours.

4. Sponsor one-on-one tutoring for those in need: imagine what a difference one-on-one tutoring and words of encouragement could mean for someone in a deep crisis right now.


Contact us for details: 719-210-1661 | [email protected]

Our People are Incredible

It matters who you learn from. We are passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and on fire about the success of you and your kids! Here are some of our team members who are eager to serve you.

Mary Weber:

Mary loves the planes at the National Museum of World War II Aviation more than almost anything – she even works on fixing them up in her spare time! She loves how excited the kids get visiting the museum, and imparts her knowledge of science and engineering in the labs.

Mary has a degree in mechanical engineering is currently working on a Masters in Engineering. Mary can tutor K-12 math, science (she is crazy about physics!!), and engineering.

Elizabeth Rizzo:

Beth has travelled the world and has lived in far away places, like New Zealand! She loves anything having to do with the outdoors – hiking, mountain climbing, and scuba diving to name a few. She also loves animals and is an avid horseback rider. Beth is passionate about history and sharing that passion with students is very important to her. 

Beth has a degree in Marine Biology and is currently working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, training dolphins, birds, and reptiles! Beth can tutor English, Biology, and her favorite - WWII History.

Armando Sapien:

Armando loves seeing that light bulb moment when a student is struggling over a problem, and then suddenly “gets” it. He loves interacting with students, cooking, maintaining an ever-growing collection of books, acting like a fool, and is very successful at what he does. 

Before joining After School University, Armando was entrenched in an educational non-profit working towards implementing Physics in middle schools across the country. Armando is amazing with kids in grades 5-8. If you are looking for an extra-curricular pro and “out-of-the-box thinker,” he is your guy! Some of his favorites are graphic design, email marketing, and social media. 

Daniel Benishek:

Daniel is a Senior going for a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. That’s just a really fancy way to say his favorite past times are breaking things and lighting stuff on fire. His favorite hobby for the past six years has been studying and learning about all of the cool things that people came up with to allow aviation to progress to where it is today. It’s that “can do” attitude that took us from a couple dudes flying a kite in 1900 to putting a man on the moon in 1969. It’s that attitude that Daniel hopes to share with you guys so that WE (because we’re all part of this) can keep doing cool things and put a woman on Mars in ten years.  (TUTORING HINT: Daniel is amazing with kids grades 5-12.)

Maria Feekes:

Maria Feekes is an international award-wining speaker, coach, trainer, and the founder of After School University. Maria was born and raised in a country where opportunities were very limited. She made it her life goal to help individuals and organizations become unstoppable in overcoming limiting beliefs and barriers, and becoming intentional about what they want to create in their lives. Maria knows what it means to build from ground zero, to risk, to continue despite the obstacles, and to “put your dream to the test.” 

Turn this challenging time into the greatest opportunity of growth for your kids!

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The Biggest Trap You'll Face is “When and Then”

We know it is so easy to fall into this trap of: "When this is over, then we begin to grow or do something."

We are too bright to waste our time. The time to grow and create the best opportunities for our kids is now!


"I love growing with the After School team. The lessons and instructors are amazing! It really is challenging me to think about what I want to accomplish in my life and how I need to take action. I want to be able to make a difference and this opened my eyes to the steps that can start being taken TODAY!!"

Alyaza M.

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